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This isn’t about me; it’s about you. Marketing your small business, product, idea, mission or service.

Telling your story. Maintaining your web presence. That’s what I do. My mission is to create compelling, creative copy that drives people to your website, store, non-profit, church, or popsicle stand!


So, here’s my own pitch: I’m a versatile, independent copywriter, editor and journalist. My expertise? Drafting razor sharp copy to match the medium or assignment: concise for the web, just the facts for news media, inspirational or informative for features or blog posts, persuasive for ad copy, and juicy bites to feed the hungry beast that is social media.


So that’s me. I work with a range of editors and clients to write the copy that many professionals, designers and small business owners just don’t have the time (or inclination) to do.


Check out my portfolio; the pudding’s in the “proof.” Drop everything and contact me today, then, breathe a sigh of relief. That pesky copy languishing on your to-do list is now at the top of mine!


Diane’s Original Columns, Features and News Articles

 Diane Meehl’s original work has appeared in:  East Valley Magazine, 202 Magazine, Raising Arizona Kids and Tukee Az magazines, and the Arizona Republic and Ahwatukee Foothill News. Drop by and get inspired at