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Digital Content


Creative, Compelling Content Engages

Visualize one of your favorite websites. What keeps you coming back? Tricked-out graphics? Quick information? Killer blog posts? Someone has to write the text to deliver the message: words designed to persuade, inspire or motivate the audience to take action – to buy, sell, donate, give or join.


So how can you write about my business/idea/non-profit, you ask? A copywriter worth her salt knows how to ask the right questions and research credible sources. A quick-study, I can write with credibility about any topic under the sun. (Except maybe, rocket science.) Together we collaborate; you help me understand your business or message, and I draft compelling, creative content. Less is more. People scan the web, so make sure yours gets the message across, and fast.


Shift Key Content drafts keyword rich content for digital media including:


• Email marketing campaigns

• Social media

• Blog posts

• Advertisements

• Websites

• Press Releases


Diane’s Original Columns, Features and News Articles

As an independent journalist, columnist and editor, Diane Meehl contributes to several Arizona publications including:  East Valley MagazineRaising Arizona Kids and Tukee Az magazines, and the Arizona Republic and Ahwatukee Foothill News. For the edgier side of Diane’s voice, visit her blog at: