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SEO Content


Take care of FaceTime, We’ve got Facebook Covered.

Savvy business people, non-profit directors, churches and anyone with a product, service or idea to sell recognize the power of social media to connect with new audiences and communicate with loyal customers. Social media has leveled the playing field; anyone with access to a computer can harness the power of this explosive new avenue for advertising potential. But it comes with another price-tag – maintenance.


Maintaining a streamlined online presence, where your brand, logo and message are consistently presented takes relentless effort. In other words, businesses must strategically plan to update Facebook & Twitter pages, website content, blogs and more so the content remains a fresh and exciting stop for new traffic.


Shift Key Content streamlines that process, updating your pages, authoring blogs and creating fresh ideas to compel readers to make a pit stop at your site.


With just a bit of collaboration, we can shift your online presence from sluggish to speed demon.


Diane’s Original Columns, Features and News Articles

As an independent journalist, columnist and editor, Diane Meehl contributes to several Arizona publications including:  East Valley MagazineRaising Arizona Kids and Tukee Az magazines, and the Arizona Republic and Ahwatukee Foothill News. For the edgier side of Diane’s voice, visit her blog at: