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Write, Play, Repeat!

Write, Play, Repeat!

Writing is a sedentary vocation. That’s a challenge for this busy bee; and sometimes I wish I could write and juggle else at the same time, master multi-tasker that I am.

With that in mind I scored one of those dictation programs that does the typing for you, figuring I could write and say, fold laundry at the same time. But I thought
better of it. I long for the precious time I get to work and write… and it’s the one thing I don’t want to share with some mundane task. Hey… I have to take my excitement where I can get it!

My office happens to be at home or wherever I can jump on WIFI, which has serious advantages. (And a downside, but that’s another story.) For example, occasionally I
fall to the floor to squeeze in a few crunches. Gotta get my fix… a rush of oxygen to my brain, a quick jolt of productivity and inspiration. Writers need to move.

So today, I caved when the kids begged me to come outside and play. The neighborhood was electric with a rousing game of hide-n-seek going on, so I joined
in. Running toward base, my heart pounded with adrenaline as I fled an ambitious 3rd grader on my heels. I collapsed on the cool, thick grass and stared up for just a minute, laughing. Bliss. Bliss.

I miss that feeling of raw abandon… just running, not examining every move or worrying about the outcome or looking back. Living in the moment and letting go of the to-do list, the titles and words swirling in my head, the loose ends I really must tie.

And the first thing I think about when it’s time for the game to end is, “I really need to write about that”. And one again, the words, the ideas, the headlines start swirling.

It hurts so good.

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